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As the insured party it will be your responsibility to minimise the damage resulting from the flooding, burst pipes or other water spillage. You do not normally need to wait for approval before beginning the drying out and if you do nothing to prevent further damage then you may well be neglecting your contractual duty under your policy.

After around 3 days, depending on atmospheric conditions and other factors, fungal spores begin to develop. These spores need to be treated before any repair works can proceed so pre-repair costs will increase which is not in anyone's interest. Early commencement of drying can avoid these additional costs.

We can make a record of the damp levels at commencement to assist with your claim and to allow the drying process to proceed without delay.

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The construction of the property, it's contents, finishes, layout and location all influence the best approach to effective drying out to the point where repairs can begin. Experienced advice is needed if thorough and even drying is to be achieved in the shortest possible time. Loss adjustors often prefer so see desiccant dehumidifiers utilised to dry out flood damage as they can achieve lower relative humidity and hence faster drying, particularly in lower temperatures.

Dehumidifier Hire staff can put in place weekly monitoring and recording of both surface and structural damp levels so that full drying, back to normal background levels for the construction materials can be assured and certified with a Certificate of Dryness.

Importance of acting quickly

If the building fabric is allowed to remain wet, then the formation of mould and fungi will lead to further damage to materials and structures, as well as potentially developing into a health hazard. Because fungi do no need light to grow and develop from spores it can spread quickly and develop unseen within the building structure. The spores can develop in anything from 2 days where conditions are suitable. It is therefore imperative that the conditions for growth are addressed without delay.

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We can provide dehumidifiers,drying equipment & services for water leak and flood drying projects including:-

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Damp measurement
  • Surveys and advice


We have a range of electric heating equipment for use on 13 amp supplies including:-

  • Fan heaters
  • Ducted heaters
  • Oil filled convector heaters
  • Radiant heaters


We can carry a range of air moving equipment to assist in thorough drying along with accessories for safe use, including:-

  • Larger 600mm fans
  • In line duct fans
  • Smaller air movers
  • Carpet dryers