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Flood drying packages

To achieve even drying of the area initial drying may require equipment capable of removing larger volumes of water. After this initial stage the rate at which water can be extracted will depend on a number of factors. Room temperature, humidity and the rate at which moisture will move by capillary action to the surfaces, from where it can be evaporated away, will all play a part. At this stage heavy duty water extraction may be less important than even drying in more inaccessible places and the most appropriate dehumidification equipment will change.

We will allow the hired equipment to be changed as the drying progresses to keep down the costs and maintain the most appropriate equipment in place throughout the drying process.

Our flood drying packages typically include dehumidifier, heater and fans to evaporate moisture from even inaccessible locations such as behind dry lining, under suspended floors and into difficult corners. Sufficient air movement is critical to achieving even drying in the shortest possible time.

An example of a package suitable for domestic use where a water leak from above has caused damage to ceiling, walls and floor with coverings would typically be:-

Package of -
Domestic size refrigerant based dehumidifier
2.4KW oil filled heater
2 carpet or ducted fans to dry the ceiling and floor voids

Flood Drying Packages

An initial 4 week hire period would cost £99 + VAT per week.
Contact us for reduced hire rates for longer hire periods.

Where heating of the area is not practical and cooler ambient temperature makes a refrigerant type of dehumidifier less effective a desiccant machine can be provided when needed.

Measurement of the progress in drying can be provided as part of our dehumidifier hire service. A charge will apply if drilling and measurement within the structure is required.

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We can provide dehumidifiers,drying equipment & services for water leak and flood drying projects including:-

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Damp measurement
  • Surveys and advice


We have a range of electric heating equipment for use on 13 amp supplies including:-

  • Fan heaters
  • Ducted heaters
  • Oil filled convector heaters
  • Radiant heaters


We can carry a range of air moving equipment to assist in thorough drying along with accessories for safe use, including:-

  • Larger 600mm fans
  • In line duct fans
  • Smaller air movers
  • Carpet dryers