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Why use fans?

The use of fans in building drying is principally to ensure that humid stagnant air in the more inaccessible places does not slow the drying rate in those areas and hence extend the total time needed to return the whole area back to it's original background dryness.

Large diameter fans for general air movement, to ensure that the dryer air from dehumidifiers in the area can circulate to all parts of the room, are available for use with dehumidifiers. These fans have speed control so that noise levels can be kept to a minimum whilst adequate circulation is maintained.

More specialist fans designed to circulate air behind dry lining or under suspended floors and carpets are available and can obviate the need to remove cladding materials and so save on reinstatement costs. In line fans are supplied with up to 3 mt ducting. Longer ducts are available. A combination of dehumidifiers, fans and heaters as a flood drying package will be most effective.

All fans can be run from a domestic 230 volt supply and the power drawn is low enough to permit the use of extension cabling where the local supply may have been isolated.


We can provide dehumidifiers,drying equipment & services for water leak and flood drying projects including:-

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Damp measurement
  • Surveys and advice


We have a range of electric heating equipment for use on 13 amp supplies including:-

  • Fan heaters
  • Ducted heaters
  • Oil filled convector heaters
  • Radiant heaters


We can carry a range of air moving equipment to assist in thorough drying along with accessories for safe use, including:-

  • Larger 600mm fans
  • In line duct fans
  • Smaller air movers
  • Carpet dryers